(Arthritis) I have been on anti-inflammatory meds since before coming here for pain in my legs.  I got to the root of bitterness being food and addictions.  Food was my comforter instead of the Holy Spirit. This week I was prayed for my legs and one grew 1 ½ inches.  (Beth)

(PTSD) I thought all my mental struggles of PTSD was caused in the Army and never thought about much of it being caused from traumatic experiences in my childhood.  The Holy Spirit has showed me so much that I buried from then, so we started there with prayers and so much healing has happened! (John)

(GRIEF) I got rid of grief over my son who died 33 years ago.  It was like I needed to carry that grief in honor of remembrance of him.  After prayer I felt loads of heaviness were pulled off me and I could see light!  (Amy)

(GLUTEN ALLERGIES) I haven’t been able to eat bread or grains (comfortably) for over 8 years. During our lunch on Wednesday at the School of Ministry, I felt a prompting to eat the bread with lunch. Peggy encouraged me to bless the food and follow through.  I ate the bread with no reaction and had quinoa for dinner too!  Also, I hesitated to eat the quinoa the first night, but the Lord reminded me, “You will look for your enemy, but you will not find him,” I felt His peace and knew I was healed!  (Julie)