Joanie wrote:

  • I had suffered with migraines for almost 40 years.
  • I had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and was put on 5 milligrams of Lipitor a day.
  • Summer allergies that every year required antibiotics to get over sinus infections.
  • I was not able to lose weight – no matter what I tried.

I had known of Wellspring Ministries for a long time, but I finally had breakthrough by attending the two week School of Ministry in Fairbanks.  What God begin to do in my life was amazing. The first thing that happened is He healed me from the allergic reaction to willows (over 200 variety in Alaska). It had entered through my dad traumatizing me with spankings when I had done no wrong. He had blamed me for things my sister had done. I chose to forgive him and God healed me. The bitterness I had, which I didn’t know about, left. I have not had any meds since and no sinus infections like I had suffered with in past years. Praise God for healing!

The next thing that happened is I began the journey of embracing who I am as a woman. I repented of things and forgave others and God took away my migraines. I am free! I have not had any since. Yes they tried to come back but I used my authority as a forgiven woman and swatted them away. It is amazing to be free from them.

I also repented of the belief that I had inherited my dad’s high cholesterol. I repented of believing that God would give me a disease from my dad and then I threw away the Lipitor. I feel great! Thank you God.

The most amazing thing that has happened came about through one on one counseling. I learned so many truths about myself, for instance I am beautiful because God made me and what He made is good. I didn’t create me so there is no pride there. I had thought of myself as not very attractive. Now I can look at myself without shame because what He made is good and it is beautiful. That is not the one that has brought amazing freedom to me though. What has brought life into me is that I learned I had been living the life of rejection. It was deep in me but God revealed it to His light. I now am walking in acceptance. I can not tell you in these few words just how deep and entangled that spirit was in my life. It controlled me in so many ways. Now, I can recognize it and repent or forgive if it tries to come back on me. Our choice of forgiveness with God’s help can set us free.

The last thing at this time is that my body is dropping weight! I feel great. God is so wonderfully good. I am getting free of the fat of bitterness which I didn’t realize I had and of the excess weight both of which pulled me down.

I am here to say healing is available to all and I pray God’s rich blessing on Wellspring Ministries and all the staff there. May God continue to use you in more ways of bringing hope and healing to others like I am blessed with.

With deep thankfulness!