The Voice Upon The Waters


Author: Paul Norcross

Content: 46 Pages

Packaging: Soft Cover

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This booklet outlines what it means to drink from the Fountain of Living Water. It is an extremely powerful blessing to all those who seek a deeper relationship with the Lord, the Wellspring of everlasting life. As one dear saint shared recently, it drips with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Forty six pages, it is easy to read and easy to give away.

Thank you for the booklet of The Voice Upon The Waters. It was a tender time last night just sitting at the table reading it to myself. There was many tears of thankfulness. I am in awe that Jesus expresses Our Fathers’ love to us in so many ways.

Your section on The Kingdom of God is His Presence is beautiful. I had never considered that before. It is the presence of God that comes as we build a personal relationship with Jesus, that accomplishes the desire of every heart. Thank you — that one paragraph freed another chamber of my heart, praise the Lord Jesus. King, NC