I Found Freedom Teaching Series


Author: Dr. Art Mathias


11 sessions on 6 DVD’s OR 1 USB Drive (customer’s choice),
3 Texts: Biblical Foundations of
Freedom, In His Own Image,The
Continuing Works of Christ, I Found
Freedom leader’s guide, and the I
Found Freedom student study guide.

Packaging: Hard Box

Product Details:


Dr. Art Mathias teaches ten sessions in 30-45 minute segments on: The Ministry of Jesus, What is Sin? Discernment, Accusing Spirits, Bitterness, Self-bitterness, Jealousy & Envy, Rejection, Fear and The Occult. Kris Gugel, RN teaches a one hour segment on Fear, Stress, Anatomy and Physiology. Completing the set is an extensive Teacher’s Manual and Student Study Guide. Included with the DVD’s are a copy of Biblical Foundations of Freedom, In His Own Image and The Continuing Works of Christ. The series is designed for use by pastors, church leaders and or group facilitators.

It is recommended to purchase as many Student Study Guides for as many students as you have. Purchase HERE. If you need extra Teacher’s Manuals you can purchase them HERE.