Five Keys To Deeper Intimacy With the Lord


Author: Paul Norcross

Content: 46 Pages

Packaging: Soft Cover

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This booklet is a new release, and is already touching many hearts that yearn for more of our Beloved First Love, Jesus Christ. It shares keys the author has learned to enable hungry hearts to draw nearer to the Master Teacher. How wonderful is the fragrance of His presence! This booklet will minister to each reader in profound ways. 

A few comments from readers: “Yesterday morning as I was reading this book my heart became SO stirred! I was convicted about spending regular time daily in His presence.”  

“I love your writing style it is so simple, to-the-point, and logically and systematically presented.”  “It is masterfully written…it is deep calling to deep…a rare treasure… practical, timeless, and full of promise and purpose.” 

“There is no place I’d rather be and remain than at one with my Lord!”

Excerpt from this book… Quietly beside the still waters, He restores our soul. He heals every disease, and strengthens every heart. He quickens our spirit, awaiting our willingness to tune our hearts to the frequency of His. He sustains, uplifts, and romances all who let down their nets in obedience to His counsel. “Do you love Me?” He inquires again and again. “Will you linger and converse with Me, and let me share My heart?” Daily searching the earth for perfect hearts, His is an invitation that only a calcified heart can ignore – one that is hardened by sin, by contrary doctrinal walls, by deeply buried roots of mistrust, or merely by neglect to spend time with the One we are to love above all else…