Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse


Author: Paul Norcross


Packaging: Soft Cover

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The bastard curse directly affects the believers pursuit of intimacywith the Lord. Deuteronomy 23 and Hebrews 12 share that this curse lasts for ten generations, and hides in generational bloodlines as a potent means for satan to legally prevent believers from having an intimate relationship with God. It explains how offenses continue to plague churches and family relationships, and how God s children can be delivered from the effects of this curse in their bloodline.

Thousands of people have been delivered and experienced immediate and profound results after reading this book. Marriages affected by this curse have been saved, and relationships within the Body of Christ have been healed. Written by Pastors Carl Fox and Paul Norcross, this is a very powerful book about deliverance from a very well concealed weapon of satan’s kingdom.