Baptism of The Holy Spirit


Author: Dr. Art Mathias, Ph.D

Content: 22 Pages

Packaging: Soft Cover

Product Details: Booklet



Are all believers given the same measure of the Holy Spirit? Is there such a thing as the “Baptism of the Holy Ghost?” The conservative side of the Church claims that there is only water baptism and that all believers receive all of the Holy Spirit at salvation. The Pentecostal or charismatic side teaches that there is an additional filling or baptism of the Spirit in addition to what happens at salvation. What is God’s answer?

Are different amounts, measures, or portions of spiritual gifts, such as faith, grace, or the Holy Spirit given to or acquired by believers? How could Elisha ask for and receive a “double portion” of the Holy Spirit? How could the Holy Spirit be given “with measure” or “without measure?” How is the believer endued with power for today?