Our Schools

Have you found spiritual, emotional and physical freedom in your life and in your relationships? Do you desire to lead others to live in that same freedom?

Plan to attend the Wellspring School of Ministry at our Anchorage campus, a two-week intensive in the essentials of prayer ministry. You will learn how thoughts and emotions are tied to a person’s physiology and learn techniques to help people work through life-controlling issues.

The registration fee is $750.00 and includes all training materials used during the class plus a catered lunch both weeks except the last day. To insure your enrollment, a $400.00 deposit is required when you send in the registration form. Final payment is needed two weeks prior to the start of the school.

Week One

The first 40 hours of classroom instruction includes comprehensive training in using basic and advanced principles of recognizing areas where ministry is needed—and how to apply scriptural principles so that you can lead people into a simple understanding of what sin is, what it does to us spiritually and physically, and how to break its bonds.

You will observe and experience practical application of these principles in a group setting.

Week Two

The second week is a continuation of what you learned in the first week as you first observe, then participate in live ministry sessions.

When Week Two is finished (noon on Friday), you will receive a certificate of course completion—and you’ll now have the tools to bring peace, hope and life into the lives of people God places on your path.