There are many prison ministries all over the United States that are using our Wellspring books, workbooks or DVD materials very successfully. It has been gratifying to receive letters from inmates expressing thanks (see testimonies below) and telling us how their lives have been changed.

Call us at (907) 563-9033 with the name and address of an inmate who is interested in a copy of Biblical Foundations of Freedom and your credit card information for $20.00 ($15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling) and we will send it to them. Note: we are unable to fill requests to prisoners outside of the United States.

Prisoner Testimonies

I am writing today from a Texas prison to thank you for writing, Biblical Foundations of Freedom.  Here is what has happened in the last nine months since receiving it.  I read it for five days and receive immediate deliverance of many things.  I was still suffering from immense pain from arthritis in my hips and lower legs.  While in solitary confinement I was not able to receive meds.  As I was praying and re-read Chapters 1,2 and 3 the Holy Spirit revealed areas of my life where I had experimented with the occult.  I repented and cut off any involvement of the past.  My pain completely left and I am healed.  I am now out of solitary confinement and many other men are coming to me for prayer and God is healing their hearts and their bodies!  God bless you!  – Prisoner from Texas

I am going through your study of Biblical Foundations of Freedom. It has opened me to new horizons, because I am a saved Christian young man and on the street sermons usually do not consist of getting to know your enemy and how to defeat him. After I parole from here I want to show my church what has changed me. I am so thankful for your ministry and how God is moving. In Christ’s Love, – Prisoner from South Carolina

I am writing to you about your book, Biblical Foundations of Freedom. I am a relatively new Christian, and this book is unlike any I’ve ever seen. I only read a couple of pages but it was some very powerful stuff. I also gave up a copy of your book that I had to someone who needed it far worse than me…please send another one. I believe it will help me grow in my faith and also be a good ministering tool to those in need. – Prisoner from New York

I was able to read some of your book, borrowed from another inmate. Your book put in perspective for me, the bible in such a way as I’ve never been able to understand. I would really love to study this book, and I am asking if you could send me a copy. – Prisoner from Alabama

I am asking you to send a book to my nephew who is in prison. I had thought about someday helping prisoners with the knowledge that I’ve learned through your ministry. I think it is wonderful that this ministry reaches out to people who may feel hopeless, unloved and ashamed. – Request from Illinois

I am now incarcerated and I’m truly overwhelmed by believers that are a part of this system that actually need to read Biblical Foundations of Freedom for the biblical truths concerning bitterness and those like spirits. Thanks for sending the books. – Prisoner from Alabama

I am presently incarcerated in Hawaii and was given a chance to read Biblical Foundations of Freedom. Reading this book and applying it in my life has brought many blessings to me, and it has brought me closer to Jesus Christ! – Prisoner from Hawaii