Negative Emotions and Depression

Depression is often described as the lack of seratonin (the ‘feel-good chemical ) in the brain. Doctors tell us that negative thoughts lead to negatibve emotions which lead to the release of hormones in our blood system that depress the normal production of seratonin.

There are a lot of things in life that can cause us to have negative thoughts. The loss of a job or position. Death of a loved one. Separation from someone or something we truly love. Conflict in our relationships. Financial incertainty. Health issues in our own bodies or someone we care for.

To understand how these thought lead to physical disease Wellspring offers two important resources. Order your own copy of In His Own Image by Dr. Art Mathias today. This book lists diseases like arthritis, diabetes, depression and others and gives you insight on how they sometimes appear in our lives.

Along with In His Own Image, we recommend that you read and follow the application of solid principles taught in the landmark book, Biblical Foundations of Freedom, this book will help you walk in the liberty of a healthy mind connected to a healthy soul connected to a healthy body that relates to others in healthy relationships.

The teaching in these books may not make the other person’s problems go away, but how you respond to them will change. And how those problems affect you will change.

You were not created or designed to carry the heaviness of depression. You were created to walk out your destiny pathway in honor and peace.

At Wellspring we understand how nearly ALL of us will struggle with depression at some time in our life. We will help you win over it so that an episode of depression does not become your life story. Call Wellspring today. In the US and Canada just phone 907.563.9033.

Here are the stories of some people who got free of depression. Some of them worked harder to overcome issues but today they are Free! CLICK HERE

Testimonies of People Healed of Depression