One of the many resources Wellspring Ministries offers are conferences and seminars that we teach in your hometown. Dr. Mathias, Janice, Milan, and Pastor Pat Hadley travel extensively teaching and sharing God’s message of repentance, forgiveness, deliverance, and healing.

Testimonies From “I FoundFreedom Seminar”


The “I Found Freedom” Seminar The Biblical Foundations of Freedom Seminar or “I Found Freedom” seminar leads the participant through the book, Biblical Foundations of Freedom, by Dr. Mathias. Those who attend learn how to have victory over the attacks of the devil, bitterness, self-bitterness, anger, jealousy and envy, fear, unbelief and the occult. Organizations and individuals both experience the love of the Father and healing. This seminar is also available on audio CD and on DVD.

Testimonies From “How To Minister To Others” Seminar


The “How to Minister to Others” Seminar This seminar provides training for those who desire to minister to others. It is our premise that all believers are ministers of the Gospel. We do not need to be “professionals” to be His ministers, but do need to be trained and proficient at our work. This seminar is designed as practical, hands-on-approach to helping others. A workbook is provided to participts. This seminar is also available on audio CD and on DVD.

Teaching from Pakistan: Pastor Khalid M Naz & Dr. Art Mathias