Marriage Healed by Margaret of Georgia

We looked successful to others- but at home… we were two people sharing a house. Over the years, we have been to several marriage counselors and spent many dollars to get help for our marriage. When things got “hot” we turned to real “professionals” for help. Our arguments were only put on the “back burner” and not resolved so they kept on simmering. We were careful not to bring them to a boil. We learned to live peaceful on the surface because that was the best we could do.

While at Global Awakening Supernatural School of Ministry we heard Dr. Art Mathias teach a seminar about forgiveness and repentance. We knew Art had answers we needed. We decided to attend the Wellspring School of Ministry not thinking about getting help with marriage matters, but getting equipped to help others. Through the school we prayed and worked through our own issues of bitterness and resentments by repentance and forgiveness.

Afterwards we began to counsel others in this way of setting people free and we were seeing great results. Before long we discovered that the stove with the back burners on…(those simmering offences) had been turned off. I didn’t “boil” anymore and neither did Hank! The bitterness ping pong game had stopped. People started asking what happened to me and said I looked happier.

We began seeing solutions in the problems we faced. I have probably logged over 1,000 hours of Wellspring ministry with others and I have to say that when these people walk in, I see them with love from the Father and hope for their situations. I know God can change their lives, because He changed mine.”