Identity Crisis Healed – Police Officer – Alaska

A retired officer who identified with his job, namely the uniform, rank and/or assignment felt he could do anything. He slept well at night, spoke authoritatively before the courts, he could take care of things and was in complete control, especially when he wore the uniform or while at work because he had confidence behind the badge. His identity was his job.

After retiring and not wearing the uniform anymore he became lost, without purpose and needed a new life, yet nowhere to find it. At night he could no longer sleep in his bed, so he sat up in his recliner pointed at the front door and kept his gun beside him. He found he could not speak in front of anyone and was failing classes at college because he could not get up and do a speech. Finally, he quit college and managed to get another job. With a failed marriage and a betrayal at work, he hated himself and did not like looking in the mirror.

An accident at the new job crushed his foot and required multiple surgeries leaving him in a cast for almost a year. It was during this time he was introduced to Wellspring Ministries and he began coming to “Freedom Night”. Slowly and quietly he began praying the prayers. His desire to learn more about forgiveness found him having a few prayer ministry sessions also. His foot started to heal and his body began to relax and be at peace as he forgave others and himself repenting in the areas of his life that brought him pain.

A new peace came into his life. He has re-enrolled in college with y only one semester left. He has a new life filled with peace, joy and confidence as his identity is now in Jesus Christ. His relationships have also improved, he feels courage and can sleep at night in his own bed. His life has turned towards God’s Truth. Faith and trust has replaced tension and anxiety (fear). This testimony as you can see didn’t happen overnight. This took about two years. We praise God with him for his freedom and we give God all the Glory!