Our Weekly Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm

Led by youth pastor, Taylor Clinton, teens in grades 6-12 (ages 12 and up) meet at Wellspring on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30PM in the youth room on the third floor or in the 1st floor gym. We engage in worship, prayer, Bible teachings and discussion, fun group activities and occasionally go off campus. Pastor Taylor loves taking youth on mission trips, summer camps and fun nights. Come join a great group of teens as they experience a loving God and lasting relationships!

Our Vision:

“The Kingdom of God…on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Our Mission:

“To know God and to make Him known 24.7.365.” 

Teaching our youth the importance of building relationships, following God’s ways and leading as an example. We provide them with a safe environment to practice and develop the spiritual gifts that God has given to all His children, so when they discover God’s calling for their life they will have the tools to succeed.