From Guadalajara, Mexico – Judy W.

Ana attended a Wellspring conference in Guadalajara, Mexico in June, 2014.  She came unable to walk without strong pain medication, unable to clean her house or cook any meals.  She had bone degeneration in various areas: spine, shoulder, and jawbone.

She began praying to forgive her husband through prayer and by the time she returned home after the three day conference she testified that her insomnia and nightmares had left.  She had no pain in her jaws and the tooth-guard that she wore for the pain was no longer needed.  In fact, the guard which once fit her perfectly would not even cover her teeth since they had shifted back into their proper place.  Two weeks later her back pain was manageable by short rest periods.  She was cleaning her house and cooking for her family again.  The entire church recognized the difference in her and immediately requested a conference in August.

In the midst of Ana (the pastor’s wife) receiving healing spiritually, emotionally and physically, the news of her husband went public of being unfaithful.  There was so much hurt and deception but they knew that the previously planned conference had been ordered by the Lord.  Ana remarked that learning how to forgive and putting it into practice in this situation has been her “salvation”.