Copy of Spanish BFF Cover 001I was surprised at how much bitterness and resentment I had been carrying around with me since childhood. You would think my middle name was Grudge! That heavy backpack has been emptied and thrown away! I believe this significantly weakened the other strongholds.

My counselor and I worked and prayed through layers of rejection. My reaction to (and expectation of) rejection had been to over-achieve, be very competitive, and to seek and depend on others’ approval. Once we prayed through specific memories, I was free to see and feel God’s unconditional love for me. Wow.

Fear was the other big, but invisible, stronghold and I am now walking out my new freedom, learning to be simply who God made me to be and to find my courage and strength IN HIM.

The most amazing thing is that this process of deliverance has enabled me to finally accept and walk sure-footed in my calling and God’s purpose for my life. This has required some painful rearrangement of ambitions, affections, relationships, and priorities, including the closure of an eight-year same-sex relationship.

I am so very grateful for the freedom Jesus has won for me. Words are way too small to describe the enormity of His love and grace. Thank you, Janice, Art, Kit, Jean, and all of the Wellspring staff for being such beautiful instruments in the Lord’s hands to bring about healing and wholeness. I am so grateful to you!

-Anonymous, Free, Loved and Faith-FULL