“I suffered for 37 years with asthma. After coming to your seminar in Phenix City, AL I was totally healed after praying and breaking off fear.” (AL)

“We serve a gracious God. My husband and I both went to the “I Found Freedom” Seminar and God did amazing healing in our lives. I know that God has freed me from the stronghold of fear. I also believe God has healed me from my allergies and my husband from asthma. I can live in forgiveness and it is a freeing feeling.” (NC)

“The first week we learned about vows and how to break them. A few days later I was given an apple as a gift. I broke the vow I had made to myself about apples and ate the apple. No swelling or itching happened! Praise God! “My apple allergy was gone. After the first day of one-on-one ministry I went to the hotel and went swimming in the hot tub. I was relaxed and not fearful that I did not feel any constriction in my throat and no asthma occurred.” (CO)