Trouble with Allergies?

I have freedom to enjoy a spring breeze blowing across my face and watching cotton seeds swirling around. I rejoice knowing what magnificent trees come from those tiny seeds and appreciate their strength and age. I used to be allergic to everything that was essential for nature to reproduce even going to emergency to control it. Since attending a Wellspring Seminar in my church and continuing with prayer counseling from a School of Ministry graduate, I have forgiven the people who had abandoned me as a child—even for short periods of time when I felt alone. I forgave myself for taking on fear, abandonment and rejection and commanded those spirits to leave me in Jesus’ Name. They did.

Yesterday I cut the grass with no respirator, sun glasses (for what I thought were sensitive eyes) or long pants. Allergies had me bound for thirty-eight years, but not anymore! My daughter had eczema on her arms and legs. We broke agreement with self-bitterness including all the things about her she did not like. Jesus’ healed her and she loves her new skin. Thank you Wellspring- I now can trust God and not fear. Jesus’ truth has set me free.(IL)