Allergies & Eczema Healed

“Since attending the School of Ministry we have begun counseling others and have seen a woman healed of milk allergies since praying and repenting through areas of occult involvement. My Eczema on my arms is gone!” (OH)

Diana was allergic to every food and wasting away from lack of nutrition. When she came to Wellspring for help she weighed 79 pounds and was in despair believing she only had a few days to live. After praying and working together in a few short weeks, she was able to eat over 50 different foods. By last Christmas her weight was back to normal and today she remains totally well and able to eat anything.

“We have noticed differences in our lives as far as healing and attitudes. I feel I have found what I have been searching for these many years. I haven’t been able to eat watermelon for 2 years—and now I can!” We still cannot believe the freedoms that we continue to experience since attending a recent seminar. Our lives are very different. We are continuing to pray, read your books and are attending a new Bible study.” (WA)