Gina from SC wrote:


Attending the two Week School of Ministry for me started off sort of slow but began to move a lot faster after realizing I had not forgiven a Christian counselor in the past who had given me some very bad counsel which I acted upon.  It was only after this was prayed through and I forgave the previous counselor that I began to make significant progress in the ministry times.


I also had breakthrough in looking at events which occurred while I was in womb.  I learned that my mom went to a funeral home viewing while carrying me and someone there told her that she should not have come to the viewing because seeing the dead body would affect the baby.  Although I don’t believe my mom going to the funeral home affected me, I do believe that those words spoken to her began to act as a vow in my life and has manifested in various ways – for example – I was always the one in the family who had accidents of various kinds while growing up.


Also these words may have even had an effect on my birth as I also learned that I swallowed fluid during my birth & I had to go into an incubator for 2 to 3 days as a result – so I was not able to bond immediately with my parents.  This information helped me understand why I have had a hard time breaking free from my parents in the past.  I received ministry in both areas and now there is peace and not fear in my life.