Andrew writes-


In March, 2012, my wife & I were blessed to participate in the Wellspring School of Ministry. During those two weeks, and in the months since then I have learned much about “taking every thought captive” and being victorious in spiritual battles. God has increased my spiritual discernment concerning the characteristics of Satan’s kingdom versus God’s kingdom as I see them acted out in myself and other people. This has affected my relationships with God, myself, my family, and those I minister to as a missionary in St. Louis.


God has set me free from many fears, sealed my heart from the effects of traumas, forgiven me for sins of bitterness, self-bitterness, jealousy & envy, and rejection. He has replaced these sins and burdens with His peace and joy. He has replaced [and continues to replace] fears with love, power and a sound mind. As spiritual battles continue to arise, now I am better aware, equipped, and prepared to discern what is going on and destroy the works of the devil.


I can testify with boldness that physical sicknesses have been healed in me and my wife and children as we applied the Biblical principles of repentance, forgiveness and believing prayer. Croup cough, upset stomachs, tight muscles and allergies are some I remember. Also, relationships are restored and improved as we pray through day to day issues of bitterness, fear or jealousy.